Non Conformance Management Software Benefits

Using Non conformance Management Software has many benefits, one of which is saving you energy and time.

Benefits of Using Non Conformance Management Software

You can save energy and time by optimizing your Non-Conformance Management with our NCR-Software.

NCR-Software is an integrated system that helps you deal with your Non-Conformances. The software will manage your organization’s Non-Conformance Process from beginning to end. It will assist you in creating, receiving, tracking, and resolving NCRs easily to ensure compliance with requirements and standards.

Non-Conformance Management

The Non-Conformance Software Solution is an integrated toolset that helps your employees manage deviations and non-conformances, both within your own organization and for third parties like suppliers and customers. The intuitive user interface makes labeling, sorting, and commenting on non-conformances easy. It will allow your staff to identify and resolve any issue quickly. The software also a powerful reporting tool that helps to create custom reports on non-conformances via advanced filtering and sorting options. This allows managers to track the progress of resolving issues.

As non-conformances can cause significant issues for an organization if they are not managed appropriately, we have created integrated software for your team to implement corrective actions fast and easy.

While developing the system, our core focus was on making it Basic, Easy to Use and Affordable. This makes tracking, managing, reporting and dealing with non-conformances super-efficient.

Key Benefits

Key benefits of using the NCR-Software to manage your organization’s Non-Conformance Management requirements include:

  • Faster compliance – maintain compliance with quality standards by building a comprehensive audit trail of all NCRs.
  • Improve efficiency – streamline and automate the complete NCR process, from identification to resolution.
  • Improve communication – facilitate communication between the various stakeholders vested in the NCR process.
  • Increase transparency – provide real-time visibility into the status of all NCRs, outstanding or complete.
  • Document evidence – create complete documentation for all NCRs and make tracking and reporting progress easy.
  • Improve quality control – identify and prevent potential problems before they become a big issue.
  • Streamline the process – manage the NCR process from beginning to end in an organized, structured way.
  • Improve change management – change your NCR procedures and process quickly and easily.

What is Non-Conformance Management?

Managing non-conformances is the process of identifying and addressing failures, deviations, or errors in services, processes, or products. Issues may for example arise when you use specific labor or components within a project. Non-Conformance Management is a process that is used to find solutions for those problems.

A well implemented non-conformance management system means you implement corrective actions that will prevent future issues.

In the engineering and manufacturing industries, managing non-conformances is an integral part of Product Assurance and Quality Assurance.

Why do you need Non-Conformance Management?

Non-Conformance Management plays an important role in many organizations because it helps in identifying and correcting failures, deviations, or errors before they lead to serious problems.

This helps in improving quality, preventing injuries and accidents, and in some industries, avoiding financial penalties for non-compliance. Managing nonconformances will also ultimate lead to Reducing Nonconformances

Non-conformance management can also help an organization learn from its mistakes and prevent future issues.

Creating and Tracking Non-Conformance Reports Easily and Quickly

NCR-Software will help you minimize time wasted on addressing non-conformance issues. The system will allow you to:

  • Receive NCRs from several sources.
  • Assign responsibilities for various actions to be taken.
  • Notify responsible staff of new NCRs
  • Track NCR progress.
  • Resolve NCRs and verify corrective actions.
  • Generate comprehensive reports on NCR activity.


Key features of the NCR-Software include:

  • Dashboard – provides an overview of all NCRs on a central dashboard and shows their current status.
  • Custom non-conformance – defines non-conformance types and create custom fields as per your requirements.
  • Access level management – controls who has access to which NCRs, and what they can do with them.
  • Task management – manages tasks related to your NCRs and get an overview of what has to be done.

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