Basic Corrective and Preventive Action Software

That Helps You Get the Job Done

corrective and preventive action

Corrective and preventive action are part of non conformance reports in ISO Quality Management Systems.

Use our software to make managing them so much easier.

Although this invaluable tool is primarily aimed at simplifying a Quality Manager’s job, it can be configured for multiple users that have restricted access.

This permits functional and department heads to capture their own non conformances directly.

Non Conformance

Create a new non conformance report on the system and describe the problem.

A non conformance can be identified by various methods, including management reviews of quality data, quality audits, failure analysis, supplier audits, customer complaints, customer feedback, risk analysis and other quality events.

Attach pictures or any other files for clarity.

Corrective Action

Describe the corrective action that needs to be taken to prevent the recurrence of the problem in the future.

Assign to a responsible person and set a due date.

Corrective action systems make this process much easier to manage.

Root Cause Analysis

Do a RCA analysis using the 5 whys analysis or any other suitable methodology.

This can be done to determine the appropriate corrective or preventive action.

Assign to a responsible person and set a due date.

Preventive Actions

Use the results of the 5 whys root cause analysis to define the preventive action that needs to be taken to prevent this type of issue from occurring again in the future.

Assign to a responsible person and set a due date.

Basic Corrective and Preventive Action Software That Helps You Get the Job Done

When we developed the NCR-Software Non Conformance Reporting Software, we were very specific in that it should be:

  • Basic
  • Easy-to-Use 
  • Affordable.

Contains All Essential Quality Management System Elements

Having said that, the software contains all the important quality system elements that you need to ensure that you’ll be able to comply with all your ISO Quality Management System (QMS) requirements to identify product and quality problems.

This includes a description of the nonconformity and where it occurred, the corrective action implemented to fix the problem, a section describing the root cause analysis undertaken, and finally, the preventive action taken to ensure that the problem won’t happen again in the future.

Nonconformity Report Status at a Glance

You’ll be able to see the status of your Nonconformity Reports at a glance. Easily track the number of NCRs that are open, how many have been delayed, and how many have been closed.

Get Rid of Your Manual Corrective And Preventive Actions Records and Simplify Your CAPA Process

Rather than filling out CAPA records manually or trying to keep track of numerous electronic documents all over the network, you can add relevant documents to each separate part of the NCR.

This includes the None Conformity, Corrective Action, Preventive Action, and Root Cause Analysis fields. This effectively turns the CAPA system into a Document Management System that makes CAPA management simple and easy.

External and Internal Audits Made Easy!

External and Internal audits of your non conformance reports complete with corrective and preventative actions will become so much easier will all relevant quality records filed electronically in one central location.

Suitable for companies of all sizes and in all industries!

Although we have a few larger corporate and enterprise clients, the vast majority of our customer base consists of small to medium companies.

Smaller companies typically don’t have the budget or the resources to run sophisticated Quality Management System (QMS) Software and they tend to use manual quality processes.

As our software can be used by up to 2 users for free forever, and the full functionality is included, it allows small companies to get going immediately without incurring any cost.

Managing product and quality problems with robust corrective action process controls including corrective actions, preventive actions, and management reviews will drive quality improvements as it makes it easy to detect recurring quality problems.

Quality Management is not limited to any industry and our clients are involved in the manufacturing, pharma, cloud service provision, leisure and travel, medical device companies, and mining industries to mention but a few.

Whether you are busy building your ISO Quality Management System (QMS) and are preparing it to get certified, have recently received your ISO certification, or have been ISO certified for a while but are looking at ways in which you can improve your CAPA corrective action preventive action system to make it more effective and efficient, the NCR-Sotware system will add real value to your process of continual improvement.

We have in fact found that many smaller companies that find no value in being formally accredited according to any of the ISO Quality Management standards still want to use a formal corrective action plan to enhance their continuous improvement process.

All the QMS principles, including continual improvement, are after all universally seen as best practises that will improve the way any business operates.

Who will benefit from using the NCR-Software CAPA corrective and preventive action system?

Other Features

Self Service Portal

Manage your subscription via our Self Service Portal 24/7 without needing to wait on us for help and receive automatic email invoices and receipts.

You can suspend or cancel your subscription at any time, change whether you want to pay future renewals monthly or annually, and upgrade or downgrade the number of users in your subscription.

Powerful Reporting

Filters, sorting options and search on multiple fields allows you to find the specific NCR or range of NCRs you’re looking for.

Reports can be exported to a spreadsheet for further analysis if required.

Context Sensitive Help

Although the system is intuitive and easy to use, we provide Context Sensitive Help on every screen, form and field.

You don’t need to search for information in a manual or go through training before becoming productive.

Start producing NCR reports within minutes of subscribing.